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200 bags and counting!

Think Green. Think saving the environment.

Think Hive. Think of busy bees.

Put them together and you get Green Hive. Put a group of busy bees together on a Saturday morning at the Green Hive hub at the Links Studios on Grant Street and soon you will have a Bumblebag.

A small group of volunteers meet once a month to sew Bumblebags which are environmentally friendly in addition to being attractive and each one unique. The fruits of the labours can be seen in the window of Clarks of Nairn furniture shop or on display in Nairn Library several times per year. Green Hive volunteers are proud that 200 bags have now been completed and distributed to members of our community.

Clarks of Nairn and many local people kindly donate materials for the bags and the volunteers use hand or treadle sewing machines which have also been donated to the charity. Nothing is wasted. Scraps of material are used to create bunting.

There is a suggested donation of £3 for a Bumblebag but anyone is encouraged to take one and contribute as much as they can afford. Forget plastic unsightly, unfriendly bags and become the proud owner of a sustainable Bumblebag.

If you enjoy making things, want to discover a new talent or just want to join in for fun, a friendly welcome, chat and a cuppa we are looking for volunteers that can help us set up, welcome new volunteers or support those that need some help to join in with our group. Maybe you are already good at sewing and want to share your skills or maybe you are good with people and like to help others to participate (if you can make a good cup of tea you are already there). If you can spare a few hours one Saturday a month to help our group meet up please get in touch or come along to the next Bumblebags session which is at the Links Studios at 11am on Saturday 9th February at 11am.

Written by Eve Evans

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