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Another week another great job going at Green Hive!

Hi folks - hot on the heels of last week's job post we are pleased to be working with the Highland Council to offer another new job - this time at Green Hive's Community Workshop at Balmakeith Industrial Estate.

Here are the details of the Job - which is a six-month paid placement, funded by the Highland Council and Scottish Government. Please note the eligibility criteria which apply to all applicants.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Enterprise and Projects Assistant

Hours: 25 per week

Pay: Living wage Purpose of role: We are looking to take on a 6-month paid placement to support the work of the Enterprise and Project Officers in supervising the workshop; in the management of equipment; the safety of volunteers; in volunteers’ development and learning; and in the creation of products. Development: You will be supported with induction & training opportunities and our aim will be to help you to gain new skills and experiences that will enable you to be a confident employee in this or future roles. Main responsibilities to include: Support the Enterprise and Project Officers in the development of new products and services - both digitally and in use of machines Ensure the workshop, building, equipment and volunteers are safe, and that risks are suitably managed Assist volunteers in learning to operate workshop equipment and support them in developing their skills and confidence, including those with barriers to participation Work with the Volunteering and Events Officer where necessary Working with other members of staff, raise Green Hive’s positive profile in the community Contribute to the development of Green Hive as a team.

If you are interested in applying but would like a chat first please email

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