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Call out for plastic!

Donate your waste plastics to the Green Hive Workshop & support reuse, before recycling.

What Plastics will the Green Hive Workshop accept?

Initially HDPE Plastics. 

That is anything with the number ‘2’ inside the recycling logo. HDPE is one of the most widely used plastics. It comes in a huge variety of colours and it is a perfect material for our workshop projects.  HDPE includes, milk bottles & lids, many plastic pipes, domestic bathroom & kitchen product bottles, and plastic containers from supermarkets.   It would be really helpful if any plastic items you are donating have film lids and labels removed where possible, and have been washed ready for reuse in the workshop.  

Will you accept other plastics in the future?

As much as we would like to find a use for, and accept all unwanted plastic goods in Nairn, we simply don’t have the space or resources at this stage. We have to pay for any items we can’t use to be uplifted for recycling for disposal, so please don’t leave any items laying outside of the workshop.   We have to limit the goods we can accept from the IV12 postcode area, to only the items we can reuse on our creative recycling projects which initially is HDPE.  We hope we can expand what we accept in the future.

How can I donate my waste HDPE Plastic to Green Hive Workshop?

HDPE plastic items can only be accepted during workshop opening hours.  Currently Thursdays 10am-5pm.  As the workshop activities expand with volunteer support, we will expand the drop off days & times. Please keep an eye Green Hive Workshop social media updates for more info.

For more information or to arrange a collection of larger amounts of HDPE from your location please contact

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