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Community Food Growing -Webinar

Our next Green Hive webinar is now open for registration!

We will be exploring the opportunities available for communities to start local food growing projects.

This free webinar will take a look at key questions and issues around the Community Food Growing Strategy, such as:

  • Why should communities start growing their own food?

  • What support is available to local communities to start up a food growing project?

  • Where to begin - how to take the initial steps in setting up a communal “grow your own” initiative

  • What are the long term benefits for individuals and communities to growing your own produce?

With guest speakers Brian Gibb from Common Good Food and Julian Thompson from Shared Assets - we will investigate how communities such as Nairn can benefit from having a community food growing initiative and how our community can jump in to growing healthy, sustainable food for all.

Join us online on Friday the 28th August at 3pm

Register for your free ticket here

By participating in our webinar you will be able to direct questions to our guest speakers and take part in polls - if you have a specific question you want to ask, get in touch with Caroline (

Missed out? Don't worry - the webinar will be up on our youtube channel available for you to watch at a later date.

We can't wait to see you there!

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