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Great British Beach Clean!

Between the 18th to the 25th of September this year, the Marine Conservation Society are hosting the Great British Beach Clean - a national event focused on tackling marine pollution and coastal littering.

Whilst we are unable to host a large scale litter picking event this year due to public health restrictions on group sizes, we would like to encourage you to get out this weekend and collect as much litter as you can!

Why not organise your own litter pick for you and your family to attend? You can find lots of really useful resources for arranging a safe litter pick here:

Don't worry if you can't make it down the beach - you can participate in the Source to Sea Litter quest - which aims to track down where all the litter on your beach is coming from, you can head up the river or along your local burn and catalogue all the litter you find along the way.

If you head down to the beach for litter collection - make sure you pack your windproof/waterproof jacket and tasty snacks to keep you energised - please don't use your hands (even in gloves) to pick up litter - if you don't have a litter picker, you can use a shovel or a brush or any long implement that will keep your hands safe.

Green Hive litter pickers - you have everything you would need in your litter picking kit, we recommend you have:

- a sturdy pair of gloves

- a hard wearing bag for rubbish collection

- a litter picker or grabbing tool

- Waterproof jacket

- Hand sanitiser

- Hi-vis vest if you are collecting litter near a roadside

There are lots of public recycling and landfill bins for you to use along the Central beach, but remember if you are heading out to the "secret" beach or up towards Kingsteps, that there are no large bins for dropping off your litter.

Dianne shows off our Green Hive litter picking kit - funded by the National Lottery Communities Fund

Get in touch with your questions - we would love to support you to help keep our beach clean and litter free!

We would love to see your photos and hear your stories of litter picking - have you found a particular area of the beach that needs a good clean?

Leave a comment, send us an email ( or drop us a message on Facebook

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