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Green Hive celebrate Volunteers Week at Nairn’s Platinum Jubilee Picnic

Green Hive will celebrate the difference volunteers make to their organisation and thank them for all their time and dedication during this year’s Volunteers’ Week, which runs from 1-7 June.

Volunteers at Green Hive will be celebrating along with staff and supporters on Sunday 5th June as part of Nairn’s Jubilee Picnic in the Park at The Viewfield to mark the occasion.

Green Hive is based in Nairn to support locals to live happier lives while being conscious of the environment around us. Through their workshop, they give opportunities to local people to create products from plastic headed to landfill or from beach cleans and reclaimed fabrics. These products are in turn sold to generate income to create more workshops.

By supporting our green environment through the community orchard and green enterprise through the upcycled products Green Hive also supports green infrastructure through the trial of ebikes available to hire by the local community and supporting a carbon neutral Nairn.

As part of Nairn’s Platinum Jubilees picnic at The Viewfield, Green Hive staff will be welcoming volunteers from 11am to 2pm. Taking the opportunity to thank current volunteers and welcome new volunteers and share the work of Green Hive.

Up until May 2022 Green Hive has supported 332 volunteers who spent over 1070 hours volunteering their time. This has been at 87 different events including regular activities like the weekly Green Hive Plastic workshop, monthly fabric workshop and community orchard maintenance as well as larger events like the Big Beach Clean.

At the core of the workshop, values are to support the development of practical skills and self-confidence in a creative workshop setting. Champion social inclusion and wellbeing, while reducing waste and protecting the environment for the community of Nairn.

Neil Mapes, Chief Operations Officer at Green Hive comments ‘I fundamentally believe in the power of volunteering to bring about positive change. Volunteers are at the heart of what makes Nairn and Green Hive great. Doing something to help the environment makes us feel good, supports friendships, and makes Nairn a happier place to live and visit. Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered with Green Hive. If you are interested in getting involved we would gladly help you to join the volunteering effort on one of our many projects and events, there is something for everyone.’

Charities across the UK will also be holding events to thank their volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteering. Last year there were over 600 events across the country, from award ceremonies to tea parties and barbecues.

For many charities, the week will be a chance to showcase the range of volunteering opportunities on offer. Volunteer fairs and other events will be encouraged people to try volunteering for the first time and help people find out how, through volunteering, they can make a difference in a cause they are passionate about.

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