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Green Hive sees strong recovery post pandemic

Green Hive has just released its 2021 annual workshop report and the statistics included demonstrate that the charity is making a lasting impact on the community and benefiting the environment of Nairn.

Highlights from 2021…

· Over 336 hours of volunteering and this was a partial year due to the pandemic from May to December

· 5699 Kg of material was diverted from going to landfill through the workshop or was removed from our ecosystem through beach cleans and litter picks

· The volunteers created over 120 unique items in the workshop from birdhouses and clocks to tote bags and peg holders

· We saved 1.7 million litres of water that is used to make new cotton by reclaiming fabric and using this to create new items

· And over 11 barrels of crude oil that are used to manufacture virgin plastic were reduced by what we recycled in 2021

At the core of the workshop values are to support the development of practical skills and self-confidence in a creative workshop setting. Champion social inclusion and wellbeing, while reducing waste and protecting the environment for the community of Nairn.

The workshop team led by Andy have exceeded expectations with the workshop project delivered through the height of the pandemic for the benefit of Nairn.

Enterprise and Projects Officer, Andy MacVicar comments ‘Our 2021 annual report reflects on what our volunteer team achieved last year while sketching out the ethos of the Green Hive Workshop project and our direction of travel towards a more sustainable future. Plastic production globally is set to double by 2050, business as usual is not an option for the ecosystem.’

Neil Mapes. Chief Operations Officer comments ‘We hope this report encourages you to get involved in and support our work in 2022 and beyond. You might like to leave a one off donation in support of our work, remember us in your will and leave a lasting legacy, come forward and volunteer, become a member or partner with us through your work. The future looks bright, the future looks green!’

Green Hive welcomes volunteers from throughout the IV12 area to participate in workshops, beach cleans and environmental work around Nairn. With 2022 set to be even busier with more events, supporting more volunteers in the workshop and through other projects such as Taking Root will create more volunteering opportunities and create future volunteering and employability options for Nairn.

The core team is also set to expand and is currently recruiting for a Volunteer and Events Assistant.

To read the full workshop report visit

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