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Intriguing New Opportunity

We’re looking for experts to help shape the future of Seaman’s Victoria Hall

Green Hive is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced consultant or team of consultants and architects to conduct an appraisal of the Seaman’s Victoria Hall and our ideas for bringing it into use as a community hub, a project provisionally called "Net Zero Nairn".

The task is to:

  • Engage the community in evaluating our ideas for the Hall

  • Through researching the markets, assess the income we might generate from the different activities that might be run at the Hall

  • Devise plans for the adaptation of the Hall, submit architects drawings for any planning application required and assess the capital costs involved in upgrading and retrofitting the building to a low energy standard which exemplifies Green Hive’s environmental credentials.

  • Calculate the revenue costs which may be required to run it from the time we take ownership

  • Prepare a 5-year business plan from 2022 to enable us to apply for the grant funding required.

Applicants should note that Seaman’s Hall is not a listed building.

The tasks should be completed by the end of March 2022.

A more detailed brief including an outline plan and timeline along with boundary plans and a Hall condition report are available.

Applicants are encouraged to speak informally with the Green Hive Chair or Manager.

They can be contacted on or 07766237312 and or 07453 912697‬.

Proposals should be submitted by 5pm on Monday 22nd November 2021 to

Read more about the Green Hive journey so far with the Seaman's Hall here:

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