Mini update - Sunny September

September is here - that means harvest time, spontaneous storms and changing colours in the natural world. I've caught my first glimpses of yellows and reds on the trees as I gather up a glut of delicious plums and put a jumper on to keep the crisp winds out. Green Hive continues to thrive thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, board and staff - here's just a couple of things we've been up to that you may have missed!

Community Food Growing

At the end of August we held an online webinar and discussion on a topic near and dear to many of you: community food growing - you can watch our extremely interesting and informative talk here:

Both Brian and Julian gave us an expert's insight into how to get started on community food growing and how to make a project sustainable in the long term, I've listed all the interesting links here for you to check out! As promised, please find the links to the various resources shared and talked about throughout the webinar:

Brian Gibb works with and for Cyrenians and Common Good Food - both of those organisations are exemplars in both fields of growing sustainable produce and engaging with local communities so definitely check them out!

Julian Thompson at Shared Assets co-ordinates and manages the Land Explorer project,, which aims to map out all the areas of common good land across the country, Julian is keen to hear from people willing to work with him on a plan for a mpa of Scotland!

Julian writes on subjects like How do we use Neighbourhood Planning to fight climate change? and our Digital Commons; how data on land ownership can drive change.

Julian also has some useful stuff on related topics:

  • Challenge existing via legal / direct action; in light of legally binding international agreements

  • Legal form(s) and governance structures for companies

  • Regional development coops

  • Non-public sources of finance (both community & we have open doors from pension funds, capital @ 4%, over 40 years); this is a People’s Green New Deal.

  • Exciting financial action is also being proposed from Money Rebellion (small business team) for legal loophole, to re-purpose corporation ta