Our Inaugural Meeting

What a splendid turnout last night!

20 people from all parts of Nairn like Moss-side, Queenspark, Mill Road, Lochloy and Fishertown, came to find out more and see what they might do to support and work with NRE. 12 of those attending signed up immediately to join our Enterprise and we have others who have pledged interest but were unable to come on the night. We’ll be getting suitable advice straight away on the mechanics of setting up our company limited by guarantee.

Those attending expressed lots of interest in pooling their efforts to set up an up cycling project, support the restoration of the BMX track and skatepark and lots more. Above all, people see it as vital to be as inventive as possible to enable as many people as possible to contribute to what NRE does.

We recognised that formal evening meetings and questionnaires might be useful, but we aim to set up drop-in sessions and possibly even a drop-in venue so people can put in their 2-pennies worth on their own terms. First steps, two pop-in sessions at the Courthouse:

8th October from 11 am to 2 pm

13th October from 1 to 4 pm

Drop by, find out more, sign up to join the company!

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