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Petrol to Pedal power!

Are you interested in curbing your carbon footprint? Tired of waiting in traffic queues during your commute? Are there places in Nairnshire you have always wanted to visit, but haven't been able to drive to?

We want to hear your thoughts on switching to cycling - specifically with an e-bike!

Battery assisted travel with an e-bike can remove the trials of challenging routes, or heavy loads like the weekly shop with up to 100 miles of pedal-assisting power. Green Hive want to bring the eco-friendly accessibility that an e-bike offers into our local community and businesses, with you support So whether you are a business looking to become more sustainable or new to cycling or contemplating getting back in the saddle an e-bike can help remove barriers to traveling in and around your community and local areas.

Please take a couple of minutes to tell us your thoughts on local travel just now by completing our short survey:

You can also find the form here: (

Your answers will be fundamental in shaping our Green Infrastructure projects - helping to make travel more accessible and environmentally friendly in Nairnshire.

Please feel free to send this survey on to anyone you know who would be interested in talking about, or getting involved in local accessible, sustainable travel.

To find out about how e-bikes can revolutionise a local community, join us on the 5th November at 3pm for a FREE webinar with Arran Eco Savvy, where we discuss e-bike rental schemes and Savvy travel!

Interested in finding out more about the Green Hive e-cargo bike and trailer? Send your questions and suggestions in to us at:

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