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Preserving Nairn’s orchards

Over the last couple of years there has been a growing partnership between Green Hive and the Nairn Allotments Orchard Group (NAOG). With NAOG helping us to set up the Viewfield Community Orchard by supplying locally grown trees and training volunteers, and Green Hive promoting NAOG’s work and contributing rootstocks.

NAOG are a group of apple enthusiasts based at Nairn’s Sandown Allotments that graft and grow local, heritage and generally useful apples, and encourage more trees to be planted in Nairn. Recently this lovely cooperation has enabled NOAG to graft scion wood from a very old local orchard that has an uncertain future. All trees in this orchard have now been grafted, creating a generation of new young apple trees and preserving these abundant and tasty fruiting varieties for the future. Nice work Nairn!

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