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Sea Nairn

Have you seen the swimmers in the sea this year? Have you ever wondered what it is like to see Nairn from the water? Wondered what you can see in the water? Have you thought about swimming in Nairn? Join Green Hive's Manager Neil Mapes as he slowly swims along the coast. No need to get wet and cold, swim safely from your sofa.

Can you hear the sea...calling?

Cold immersion then bubbles and lowering of troubles. The pace of breath in and out, glances and glimpses of distant Cromarty and walkers on the nearby shore. Sandy ripples beneath and razor clams within touching distance. Diving down beneath the surface, ice cream freeze head, into another world just a few yards from the comforts of the green links. Rolling side to side in the water another swimmer approaches, joy is shared amongst the swell in the sea. Swimming resumes. Splosh splosh splosh, breath, splash splash splash, breath. Mesmeric elemental wild joy. Twenty minutes pass all too soon. I reluctantly leave the water, cold yet somehow drawn to stay in, to go deeper and further. Already dreaming of going in again. The sea is calling, me.

If you want to join the swimmers in Nairn, look out for folks going in at high tide or check out the Nairn Selkies group on Facebook.

Green Hive is embarking on a new way of sharing the different environments of Nairn. We have recently purchased a new video camera to bring the places and experiences of Nairn into your homes. If you have a place in and around Nairn to share with others or a particular way you love to experience that environment do share it with us. Maybe you know someone who can't get out as easily as they would like? Which part of Nairn would they like to see? Let us know and we can ask one of our volunteers to go and film there for you.

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