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Spreading joy around Nairn

Green Hive bundle contents
Green Hive Bundle contents

We had a brilliant day distributing 90 Green Hive bundles around the town

We want to say a huge thank you to Nicola, Simon and Andy at Nairn Community Transport for their amazing assistance in distributing all 90 bundles around the town - Caroline definitely would have struggled on foot!

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We also want to thank our amazing Bumblebag volunteers who hand crafted each pencil case included in these bundles from recycled fabric and Greens Nurseries for sourcing the perfect houseplants at very short notice!

We want to enable you to feel supported in taking environmental action, whether you are out on a nature walk, or cosy in the house with a sustainable crafting project.

Each bundle contains:

  • A sturdy Green Hive bag made from 100% recycled plastic - suitable for use as a shopping bag, garden waste bag, litter picking bag or any other task for a bag.

  • The new Green Hive activity almanac, filled with easy crafting projects and tasty recipes, puzzles and local environmental information

  • Our popular Plastic Recycling Education pack - find out about plastic; identification, better recycling and getting involved in Green Hive's plastic recycling workshop

  • Hard wearing gardening or litter picking gloves, ideal for every day use

  • Reusable biodegradable poncho made from corn starch by BioPoncho

  • "I'm working with Green Hive '' window sticker - show off to your neighbours!

  • A 12 set of recycled plastic colouring pencils in a unique handmade pencil case made from recycled fabric (thank you Bumblebag volunteers!)

  • Recycled A5 notepad and pen, handy for jotting down shopping lists, or things you have spotted out and about Nairn

  • An easy to care for houseplant - locally sourced from Greens Nurseries

  • Sheets of newspaper to make your own biodegradable plant pots - check out the almanac for information on how to make your own recycled plant pot!

We hope these bundles bring a bit of happiness to everyone who has received them and we thank the Supporting Communities Fund for providing us with the funds to create this fantastic project.

We have 30 kits left up for grabs-  if you know of anyone who is currently unable to get out and about in nature, or who is maybe stuck for things to do at the moment and could use a pick me up, get in touch - we would love to give them a kit

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