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Volunteer Spotlight – what’s it like to volunteer with Green Hive?

Margaret has been part of Green Hive for the last year with the Bumblebags group, community orchard, New Friends and Natter meet ups and lots more! This is what she has to say about Green Hive.

“The ‘green hive’ offers a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to experience the warmth and friendship that can sometimes be missing in our ‘fast’ society. Many people, including myself, have benefited greatly from the input and social intellect which comes with being a part of such a community. The Green Hive offers help when needed, guidance and support and support in knowing oneself and gaining a greater degree of self-esteem. We meet on a regular basis, chat, drink tea and coffee and have a great time using the sewing machines, which gives one a feeling of doing something useful. If you feel like a natter and some friendship, a good cup of tea and social interaction, come along and make some new friends.” – Your friend, Margaret Rosemary Coyne-Dahm

Margaret removing Himalayan balsam from long Nairn Riverside

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