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We mean it. We want your views.

At this year’s County Agricultural show we put up our stand for the first time.

We set out to get local people’s views on projects which could contribute to and benefit Nairn and its environment. It was a great day. The weather was kind (well, dryish), the stand looked great, the raffle was a success, and our clothes line for ideas filled up quickly….we’ve got loads of suggestions for projects that could get going pretty soon….and even better, lots of really good ideas for collaborations between us and other groups in the town.

We have got longer term plans for quite expensive, sustainable projects like an upcycling shop and workshop, but we’ve now got some really good ideas for projects that our volunteers can do and which can involve people from all parts of town. These are ideas we can get busy on soon, rather than spend ages planning and fundraising.

We’re going to be at Games Day, so be sure to come and peg your idea to our clothes line.

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