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What a load of rubbish!

More than 50 people got together to clear rubbish from the central and east beach and riverside. Hosted by Nairn Sailing Club, we ate lunch together to warm up and discuss who found the strangest stuff. But it was the usual cigarette butts, small bits of single use plastic and discarded barbecues that dominated the finds and the conversation. A volunteer on the day, Sharon has written a blog about how what she noticed has opened her eyes to the waste plastic problem, do take a read. 

Artists Elaine and Emily ran an ‘Art is Rubbish’ workshop on the day helping volunteers turn their finds in to works of art. Exhibition of artwork to be held on Sunday 7th October at the WASPS Links Studios 2-4pm.

Thanks to Highland Council for the use of gloves and litter pickers and collecting all the bags at the end.

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