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Workshop Wish List

Andy and the team of volunteers up at the workshop are about to start creating the first clocks on a regular basis, they have a tried and tested method and using your donated plastic they have put together this vibrant prototype –

Upcycled spectrum clock from single use plastic. Follow the workshop on Instagram here

Our workshop space is almost fully kitted out for recycling HDPE 2 plastic, there are a couple of things left on our wish list below – if you have an item that is on this list and you would like to donate it to Green Hive, get in touch with Andy by email or pop in to the workshop on Thursdays between 11am – 5pm Workshop Wish List 2.0

  1. Working Electric Oven (ideally under 2.2KW) fitted or freestanding

  2. Magnification Lamp (desktop size)

  3. Kitchen sink (stainless steel)

  4. Working fridge

  5. Some indoor plants for the workshop

  6. Roll of Vinyl Floor covering to cover an area 2.5m x 2.5m

  7. Working Hoover

  8. Working Sawdust collector

  9. Desktop vice (or engineers vice)

  10. Stainless steel bowls, steel pans, baking trays etc

Let us know what you think of our design so far! You can pop in and see us at below address. If you have items to donate from our wishlist we can arrange to collect if nescessaryand we are still collecting your HDPE 2 plastic at the workshop during our volunteer days –

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