Green Hive Apron

Handcrafted by our Bumblebags volunteer Rosemary, these aprons are just perfect for baking, painting or gardening work.


Each apron is unique and made 100% from recycled textiles, giving you a long lasting item, made with love and helping cut down local textile waste.


The textile industry is one of the world's biggest polluters, especially with the advent of "fast fashion" - by purchasing one of our textile items you enable us to recycle more fabric into artisan items like our aprons!


These aprons are all handcrafted, with each one being unique - we are unable to guarentee repeat items or items of a specific size. We also have a limited stock of children's sizes available.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Green Hive is a community charity and our products are carefully created and crafted with love by our wonderful volunteers in Nairnshire.  Each of our products marked for sale are checked to ensure they are of the highest quality.

    Please buy with confidence thanks to our Return and Refund Policy:

    You can cancel and return an online order within 14 days for any reason.  If you find you have a faulty item you have 30 days to return the item to us for a full refund.  Please contact us by email as soon as you are aware of the fault and ask us about how to make a return.  After 30 days we can offer to repair the item if this is possible or replace it with a similar ite

  • Care Instructions

    Wash your apron in the washing machine at 30.

    The apron is suitable for clothesline drying and ironing.

  • Specifications

    Sizes will vary.

    Apron material is 100% recycled textiles.

    Aprons will be made from cotton or other durable fabrics.

  • Shipping Information

    Green Hive is an environmental charity which has community action, innovation and sustainability at heart.  We know that delivery and shipping costs can sometimes be high and so we have made our delivery and shipping cost-free to you whilst minimising our environmental impact.

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