E-Bike & Trailer Rentals

Green Hive are delighted to introduce our new e-bike and trailer, available to hire to anyone who becomes a member. The e-bike is pay as you go (membership is free, pay just for what you hire/use)

We actively encourage you to have a try out of the e-bike before you make a decision about hiring, however we are confident you will be delighted with the experience

On this page you can -

"Hiring the bike is a great way to experience the joy of an Ebike for yourself with no commitment or outlay - or indeed, need for storage and recharging facilities, as they do that all for you. And it's a total bargain - what's not to like?"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hover over the questions below for answers to our FAQs
Penny Farthing

I would like to try using an e-bike, can I hire it?

The e-bike and trailer are community resources owned by Green Hive for you to hire for personal use.

My business in Nairn is interested in e-bike deliveries, could our business hire it?

We are keen to support local businesses, organisations, public bodies and community groups with net zero ambitions and who want to trial green deliveries.

Do I have to hire the trailer as well the bike?

You could just hire the e-bike or just hire the trailer or you could hire both together.

How much does it cost to hire?

As a charity we are keen to make our hire rates affordable and accessible.  Scroll down on this page for the latest hire rates.

Do I have to be a member of Green Hive to hire it?

The e-bike and trailer are expensive pieces of kit and it is important we have your information. It is quick, easy and free to sign up to be a member of Green Hive or as an associate member for organisations
Sign up here

Can I try it before committing myself to hiring it?

Please drop us an email at nre@greenhive.co.uk and arrange a time to come to our Community Workshop, where we will be pleased to give you a try.

Can you deliver it to my house or place of work?

Sorry but you need to be able to collect it and return it to our Community Workshop Hub.

Can I hire it on weekends?

Currently the equipment can only be hired and returned on the days our community hub is open.  Please check our website for our opening days and times.

Do I need to sign anything or be shown how to use the bike?

We will ask you to fill in and sign an application form and then you will be given a safety introduction on how to use the bike and/or trailer

How do I charge the bike?

We will supply the bike with fully charged batteries.  If you are intending on going on long journeys or an extended hire of the bike (I.E overnight hire) then we will show you how to charge the batteries.

How long will the battery last on a charge? How far can I travel?

The battery will last for varying periods of time and distance depending on the setting you use.  However, it is unlikely to run out of charge for journeys in and around Nairn.  If you plan on going around wider Nairnshire please discuss this with us.

Do I need my own helmet and safety gear?

You may prefer to use your own helmet, please check this is suitable for e-bike usage.
We can supply a safety helmet and high vis vest and the bike itself has lights and other safety features

Do you supply a lock so I can lock it up in town/on my deliveries?

We have invested in two heavy duty locks, one for the e-bike and one for the trailer.  Both of which stay with the equipment and we will show you how to use these so that they are always locked when not in use.

Am I covered by Green Hive Insurance whilst on the bike?

Our insurance covers the storage of the bike.  You still need to ride safely and competently and we will give you a safety introduction for using the bike.

How much weight can the bike carry?  

The front rack can hold up to 20kg and you can carry up to 148kg across the 2 panniers. Guidance from the manufacturer states not to exceed a total weight of 200kg  of load+bike+rider’s weight. Our Tern GSD S10 bike weighs 33.58kg

How much weight can the trailer carry?

The trailer can be used as a tow behind the bike or on it’s own.  It can carry 150KG of weight and we will give you a safety  introduction to its use.  We also supply chords and clamps for securing your load. Your items on the trailer will get wet if not stored in a water tight container.

What is the make and model of the bike and trailer if I wanted to buy one?

The e-bike is a Tern GSD S10 and the trailer is a Carla Cargo trailer

How did Green Hive afford to buy the bike and trailer?

Green Hive is particularly pleased to be able to buy and share these resources with the Nairn Community thanks to generous charitable grants from The Davidson (Nairn) Charitable Trust, Highland Council and the Rank Foundation respectively.

How can I contact you if I still have a question?

Use our web contact form

Drop us an email

Give us a ring or a text

By appointment only - please visit us at Unit 9A2 Balmakeith Industrial Estate, Nairn, IV12 5QW.


Hire Rates for our e-bike and trailer

Here are our rental rates for our e-bike and cargo trailer
E-bike from Tern.PNG

Hire our e-bike

Here are the rates for hiring our e-cargo bike

1 hour


2 hours


3 hours


6 hours


12 hours


24 hours


1 week



Hire our cargo trailer

Here are the rates for hiring our cargo trailer

1 hour


2 hours


3 hours


6 hours


12 hours


24 hours


1 week



Hire our e-bike and cargo trailer

Here are the rates for hiring our e-cargo bike and cargo trailer

1 hour


2 hours


3 hours


6 hours


12 hours


24 hours


1 week


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Locking the Green Hive e-bike

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Unlocking the cargo trailer

Preparing to use the e-bike

Using the cargo trailer without the e-cargo bike

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