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Recycled Plastic Benches and Raised Beds

Supporting community-led positive action

This year Green Hive has ventured into large scale manufacturing with recycled plastic benches and raised beds for a project at Inverness Botanic Gardens.  The volunteers enjoyed this so much and we asked them what they got out of the experience...


"There is potential for community action in Nairn".

"Learnt it's great for me to be more sociable with everyone".

"Practical skills".

"Loads about plastic, how to recycle itand use it in loads of innovative ways".

"New skills".

"How to mould plastic".

"How much plastic is produced vs. how much is recycled". 

"Craft making within the circular economy".



So what are the benefits of Recycled Materials in benches and raised beds

  • Zero maintenance and will last for decades

  • Easy to clean with just water if need be

  • Especially durable around coastal areas

  • Impervious to the elements

  • Strong design to withstand continued use in public places

  • Made to measure and your specifications

  • Easy to install/uninstall and reposition


And you will be supporting Green Hive and its aims to create more volunteer places to help the community of Nairn learn new skills and have a positive impact on the environment.

Recycled Plastic Benches

  • Designed and built to your specifications

  • Straight or curved

  • Choose you length

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to clean

  • Strong design to withstand continued use in public places

  • Perfect for coastal areas


Sizes are variable 1m bench for 2 people from £350, 2m bench with ground fixings from £700 to £1000

Recycled Plastic Raised Beds


  • Made from recycled plastic lumber

  • Made to measure

  • Easy to install/uninstall and reposition

  • Is not susceptible to insect infestation

  • Easy to maintain as doesn’t need painted or protected from the elements

  • Warmer for plants to grow within


 Sizes are variable and from 2m x 1m from £350 each, 3m x 1m variable heights around £1k


How it works

Untitled design-14.png


To order your recycled plastics benches and/or raised beds to your specification we follow this process:


Conversation between your team and Andy our Enterprise Manager to agree on your specification

Andy will come back to you with a full specification sheet, with costs and proposed timescale.


Then once agreed Andy and our team of volunteers will begin the build and come and install.  We will ask for some payment upfront so that we can buy the raw materials.


All benches and beds are hand made to order by our team of volunteers and timescales for delivery will vary.


To enquire about our recycled benches and raised beds please email Andy MacVicar

Download more information below




Get in touch today if you have a new idea or can help us deliver our current or future activities

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