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Green Hive® at a glance

We are Green Hive. We think our name sums us up quite nicely.

Green: because we support a wide range of environmental projects such as beach cleaning, tree planting and much more.
We also recycle and upcycle waste fabrics and plastics at our community workshop.

Hive: because we like to work together, a bit like bees in a hive, getting important stuff done to make life better, making friends along the way.

Green Hive is a charity based in Nairn
We bring people together to improve our local green spaces

Our work started in 2015 with a community project on the River Nairn and since then about 10% of the town of Nairn (over a thousand people) have volunteered with us at one of our many activities and events.

We continue to flourish and grow our impact every year.

Achieving Meaningful Outcomes for Nairn
As a community and environmental charity, we focus on achieving these outcomes
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Our philosophy is simple - if Green Hive is doing well as a charity then it follows that both local people and places will be thriving and happy.


You can find us on the Scottish Charity Regulator website where we are listed under our formal registered name of Nairn River Enterprise.  But everyone locally knows us as Green Hive.

We’ve been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2022 Scottish Charity Awards, so we must be doing something right.  


You can join us or support us and easily find us online by searching for Nairn’s Green Hive.

An introduction from our Chair, Simon Noble

“Green Hive is a well respected small charity based in Nairn.  We started our work in December 2015 and the first year relied entirely on the resources of volunteers.  Our founding members were all committed locals and every single one of our projects since have come from ideas promulgated by local residents. We’ve gradually built up both our volunteer reach in the community and now our staff team.   The long-term vision was always to build capacity in the town by supporting local people to turn their ideas into reality.  Local people strengthen and inspire us to do more.  Proud of our environmental work, we are now at a new watershed moment, ready to take a significant step toward long-term sustainability, confident that we can achieve this with the support of the community.  In essence, we have a simple plan focused on maximising our impact and playing an important part in supporting Happier People and Happier Places in Nairnshire.  If you would like to get involved, become a member, volunteer, donate or support us in another way please get in touch. 
Thank you!”

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Watch our 2022 AGM here

Our commitment to our Volunteers

We have written up our commitment to our volunteers in a Volunteer Agreement, this covers our responsibilities and expectations for our amazing volunteers as well as the different kinds of support we can offer to anyone looking to volunteer their time with Green Hive.

Volunteer Agreement

We are pleased to welcome you as a volunteer to Green Hive! Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organisation and without the amazing effort from our volunteering team, we would not be able to offer such a fun and diverse range of activities, projects and initiatives.


Volunteering with Green Hive

Volunteering opportunities will be available to you across multiple projects and we will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your time volunteering with Green Hive. Whilst you are volunteering with Green Hive although you will not be a member of staff, we will ensure you are supported and valued and if you have any specific experience you would like to gain from volunteering with Green Hive we will be more than happy to support you with this.


All of our projects will have set dates and durations, however, you can choose to volunteer for as many hours as you wish to offer - we will be flexible around your needs. Your volunteering hours with Green Hive will be as agreed between you and the project worker. If you have agreed to attend a voluntary placement and are unable to do so, you must notify us within 24 hours of the start of your placement.


It’s important to note that as a volunteer you are not entitled to wages, sick pay, holiday pay, or any other contractual benefits ordinarily associated with employees. However, you are entitled to claim for any reasonable expenses you incur as part of the project for which you volunteer. Additionally, we will fully support you to take part in our activities and events and will take into account your personal needs.


Health & Safety at Work

Under the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 each individual has a legal responsibility for their own welfare and for the health and safety of others.  Any queries you may have relating to health and safety matters should be raised in the first instance with your voluntary placement supervisor.


Every project we facilitate will have its own health and safety requirements and you will be briefed on those requirements during your induction.


Green Hive and You

During your time volunteering with Green Hive, you will be working with a team of volunteers, our staff, chosen partner organisations and sometimes members of the public - we expect you to be courteous and respectful of others and in turn for others to be respectful and courteous to you. Your time and effort with Green Hive is extremely valuable and you will always be supported in your time with us.

Please contact us immediately if you are ever concerned about the conduct of other volunteers, staff, partner organisations or members of the public towards you or members of your volunteering team, or anyone attending our projects. We have attached our code of conduct in the appendix of this agreement, these are the behaviours we would like you to demonstrate during your time volunteering with Green Hive (See appendix 1 - Code of Conduct for Volunteers).


Green Hive may need to suspend or end your voluntary placement should there be a breach on your part of the relevant standards expected (see Appendix 1 for Code of Conduct for Volunteers). You will always be involved in the discussion and decision to suspend or end your voluntary placement. In circumstances where a project comes to an end, you will be invited to volunteer with another of our projects or with one of our partner organisations.

Appendix 1 - Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Green Hive welcomes and values the contribution of members and volunteers who enhance Nairn’s community and environment. Green Hive wants volunteers to have a positive experience in a supportive environment. This Volunteer Code of Conduct is intended to establish such an environment and to help prevent or deal speedily with issues should they arise.


Green Hive members and volunteers are subject to Green Hive Governing Documents, which are Nairn River Enterprise Articles of Association and Green Hive policies including our Safeguarding Policy.


As with Staff, Green Hive expects a certain level of conduct from volunteers as laid out in the Guidance below: -

1. Please be reliable, honest and mindful, upholding Green Hive’s values and reputation by acting in Green Hive’s best interests inside and outside the organisation: -  

  • Avoid inflammatory or offensive comments about individuals or organisations including Green Hive – this especially applies when using social media and websites whether for Green Hive or privately.

  • Ensure you are aware of your responsibilities within Green Hive policies - if in doubt seek advice from Green Hive staff.


2. Please avoid participation in activities that could damage Green Hive’s reputation and public standing, for example:-

  • Political activities when acting on behalf of Green Hive, including communicating opinions to MPs/MSPs or other organisations and when using the Green Hive logo or resources.

  • Activities that may be against the law, resulting in conviction or caution.

  • Membership of organisations whose ethos is considered contrary to that of Green Hive.


3. Carry out your volunteer role to the best of your ability, aiming to meet mutually agreed commitments as determined by your designated member of staff:-

  • Co-operate with and follow all reasonable instructions which apply to you.

  • Keep in contact as agreed with your designated member of Green Hive staff, letting them know in good time (at least 24 hours) if you are unable to carry out your volunteer role.

  • Keep your designated member of Green Hive staff informed of any changes in address /next of kin or other personal details.

  • Disruption of the work of Green Hive staff or other Green Hive members and volunteers should not occur.

  • Reporting for, or carrying out your volunteer role under the influence of alcohol, or other recreational drugs or substances is not acceptable.


4. Have respect for others, treating everyone you meet with courtesy and respect at all times. Green Hive has a zero-tolerance policy where instances of unacceptable behaviour occur:-

  • So that we can all work together for the benefit of the organisation, respect the roles of Green Hive staff, as they respect your role and duties.

  • Express your views openly, but courteously and respectfully in all your dealings, including within and outside of meetings.

  • It is never acceptable to take part in any form of physical violence, bullying or harassment.

  • Avoid the use of abusive and offensive language, verbal or written, Green Hive commits to Equality and Diversity please ensure your behaviour accords with this.

5. At all times respect confidentiality, by protecting Green Hive information, records or data you use in your volunteer role, even after your volunteering role has come to an end:-

  • Please do not disclose information that is confidential about Green Hive, its staff, students or other members and volunteers except where there is a safeguarding or ‘Prevent’ issue, or where there is an issue provided for in Green Hive Safeguarding Policy or the Public Interest Disclosure Act. If in doubt, seek advice and guidance.

  • Remember Green Hive is governed by the principles enshrined in the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations. (UK GDPR) 


6. Comply with all arrangements to ensure the health, safety, welfare and security of Green Hive staff, students, members and volunteers, premises and property:-

  • Report any loss or damage to Green Hive property to your designated member of Green Hive staff

  • Please don’t remove or attempt to remove any items of Green Hive property, without permission from your designated member of Green Hive staff.

  • Don’t wilfully commit or attempt to commit an act that may endanger people or property or which breaches safety rules, Green Hive policy or legislation.


7. Seek to understand and comply with Green Hive regulations and policies in all aspects when carrying out your volunteer role (whether in Green Hive premises or other places), in relation to Green Hive staff, students and other members and volunteers.


Relevant Green Hive policies to be aware of are – 

  • Volunteer Policy

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Safeguarding Policy and the Prevent Duty

  • General Data Protection Regulation (UKGDPR) Policies


8. Protect yourself from conflict of interest by not taking part in activities that may result in a conflict of interest, seek advice from your designated member of Green Hive staff:-

  • You must declare any interests outside of Green Hive that may conflict with those of Green Hive.

  • The use of Green Hive equipment or materials, or other resources on Green Hive premises, is for stated purposes, please do not use for any purpose other than that intended and authorised by Green Hive.

  • Do not enter into any contract on behalf of Green Hive without permission.

  • It breaches your involvement with Green Hive to falsify documents, contracts, records, or expenses or defraud or attempt to defraud Green Hive. 

  • Seek permission if you want to use Green Hive’s name for events (including fundraising events)

  • You should not use the Green Hive name or logo unless this has been authorised by a designated member of Green Hive Staff.

We are commited to inclusivity and we really welcome your feedback on how we can improve our volunteer journey and experience with Green Hive - get in touch with your thoughts! 
Volunteer Agreement
Code of Conduct
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