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Green Hive at a glance

An introduction from our Chair, Simon Noble

“Green Hive is a well respected small charity based in Nairn.  We started our work in December 2015 and the first year relied entirely on the resources of volunteers.  Our founding members were all committed locals and every single one of our projects since have come from ideas promulgated by local residents. We’ve gradually built up both our volunteer reach in the community and now our staff team.   The long-term vision was always to build capacity in the town by supporting local people to turn their ideas into reality.  Local people strengthen and inspire us to do more.  Proud of our environmental work, we are now at a new watershed moment, ready to take a significant step toward long-term sustainability, confident that we can achieve this with the support of the community.  In essence, we have a simple plan focused on maximising our impact and playing an important part in supporting Happier People and Happier Places in Nairnshire.  If you would like to get involved, become a member, volunteer, donate or support us in another way please get in touch.  Thank you!”


Watch our 2021 AGM here

Our projects and community

A showcase of our activities around Nairn and our enterprising products