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Community-led positive action

Supporting the development of innovative and sustainable products, services and solutions focused on our three core areas of activities: Green Environment, Green Enterprise and Green Infrastructure

Green Environment

Supporting a greener outdoors

Nairn Viewfield Community Orchard

Planted in October 2017 by local residents, Nairn Youth Forum and pupils from Millbank Primary School, the community orchard is a public open space and a shared resource for the people of Nairn, managed by local volunteers and supported by Green Hive.  There are 10 apple trees, two plum, two pear and two cherry trees as well as a variety of berries.

The orchard is a place for community gatherings, and learning about fruit growing, a place for you to enjoy and once mature it will be a free source of nutritious food to the community.

Illustrations of existing and previous Green Environment products, services and solutions include:

  • Beach cleans

  • Improving parks

  • Litter picks

  • Orchard growing, composting and gardening

  • Reducing invasive river species

In the future, as part of this plan, we would like to develop allotment projects, planting & growing projects as well as Carbon-neutral Nairn focused on improving the Green Environment.

Green Enterprise

The Green Hive Enterprise Workshop

Our new venture and enterprise, the Green Hive Enterprise Workshop grew from an idea within our volunteer community.  In 2019 we secured funding through the National Lottery Community Fund to establish our first innovative plastics re-purposing site.  We have been gifted many of the machines needed to prepare for pilot production and our local volunteers have been pivotal in developing, testing and refining the production process with the first successful sales of our plastic clocks in early 2020.

If you are a creative person, artists or designer and have practical skills you would like to share, or someone who just has a bit of free time and would like to volunteer to help with projects in the workshop, we would love to hear from you! 

Illustrations of existing and previous Green Enterprise products, services and solutions include:

  • Green Hive Hub: Workshop - Plastics upcycling 

  • Green Hive Hub: Community Art studio

  • Sales of upcycled products

In the future, as part of this plan, we would like to develop hubs in high street retail units as well as rural hubs and projects such as Carbon-neutral Nairn, Green investment, Green shares and renewable energies for both Green Hive and Nairnshire.

Green Infrastructure

Happier places in Nairnshire

Illustrations of existing and previous Green Infrastructure products, services and solutions include:

  • Green Hive Hub: workshop 

  • Green Hive Hub: community art studio

  • Green Hive website

In the future, we would like to explore the development of a wide range of infrastructure projects including e-car clubs/car sharing, Carbon-neutral Nairn, community energy storage and supply, e-bikes and trailers, e-signage, greenhouses, sheds and polytunnels and different types of Green Hive Hubs e.g. retail & rural.  This will be supported by an improved website as the organisation grows.

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