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Re Fashion Edinburgh
by Psychomoda

Psychomoda designer-made clothing presents #ReFashionEdinburgh

Join us on Sunday the 12th of November at the Leith Arches where a collection of 10 designers share their antidote to fast fashion with one collective vision in an exciting live fashion show.

Slow Fashion brands aim to reduce the textile waste and the consequent pollution

"Scotland consumes 38% more per person than the global average including textile-related products." *

Slow Fashion: the opposite of Fast Fashion
Slow fashion focuses on local designers, slower production, smaller collections, zero waste designs, and the use of sustainable materials

Sustainable business practices can help reduce the negative impact of business operations on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving resources, and minimising waste .*

"Across the UK we throw away £140m worth of clothes and textiles each year" *

Supporting local designers and artisans allows our local economy to flourish whilst keeping our carbon miles low

Re Fashion Edinburgh will bring together 10 designers, supported by models, hairdressers, make-up, and photography artists, all sharing a passion for sustainability and ethical creation, and aiming to make a difference in an industry that desperately needs to change.


We want to showcase both the local designer's incredible work and inspire you, the audience, to try something new with your wardrobes.

Book yor ticket

Book your tickets

You can choose to attend one (or both!) of our two shows
our Early show, or our Evening show

We also have a limited number of special VIP packages available where you will receive early entry into our Evening show, a welcome drink, entry into our After Party an
d a bespoke goodie bag

Why not add on an After-Party ticket? Join us as we celebrate the amazing hard work of our designers, models, make-up artists and hairdressers

12 Nov 2023, 17:30 – 22:00
Leith Arches,
6 Manderston St, Edinburgh EH6 8LY, UK

Re Fashion Edinburgh 2023 Running Order

View and Download the Running Order for Re Fashion Edinburgh 2023 here -find out the inspiration behind each outfit and delve into the themes of sustainability and the circular economy
You can find links for all the models, designers, hair and beauty artists and tech support teams inside!

View online here

Download as a PDF here

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Running order
Designer's Profiles


Ten Bespoke Designers bringing you an evening of Sustainable Slow Fashion

Below you will find each designer's biography and links to their website and social media channels

Click the designer's name to jump to their details

psychomoda 1.jpg

Pictured: Two looks created for Re Fashion Edinburgh 2022.  A kilt and corsetted top made from kilt industry waste and reworked antique kimono silk, and wearable art piece “Bag for life “ made to draw attention to the issue of plastic bag waste. 


Designer made clothing by Alison Harm
Established 1992

Situated in Edinburgh Old Town, Psychomoda is a fashion store, where designer/ maker Alison creates all the garments on the premises. Both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure are available.

An extensive collection of tartan and tweeds made into exciting modern designs for all occasions are on the rails, as well as evening wear bridal and special occasion clothing. Tartan jackets, coats, skirts and corsetted tops sit in an array of colour and texture. All items can be altered to fit or made to measure. 


Alison also offers a full couture service. Your ideas are brought to life for your special occasion. Silks, satins linens etc. Designed specifically for you, and made to measure to fit and flatter you perfectly.

As well as the above, there is an emphasis on sustainability.  Rails of ready-to-wear garments made from upcycled, recycled things, such as reworked kimonos, remnants from the kilt-making industry and vintage cloth finds.  Here’s where you will find the designer's more imaginative and one-off pieces.

Alison's work often features a punky edge and she often creates costume pieces such as the “bag for life “ dress (left), created to draw attention to environmental issues.

Alison is the founder of Re Fashion Edinburgh. it was her original vision to create a sustainable fashion event for Edinburgh and to have gathered the other designers and support teams together.

You are invited to join the Facebook group, Sustainable Clothing For Everyone, using the link below.

Follow on Facebook and Instagram @psychomoda

Sustainable Clothing for Everyone a Sustainable Fashion Group on Facebook

Social Media links:

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Jen Byrne 2.jpg
Jen Byrne 1.jpg

Jen Byrne


Jen Byrne is a slow fashion designer who masterfully breathes new life into forgotten fabrics, crafting exquisite upcycled clothing and accessories that redefine luxury. With a commitment to sustainability and creativity, Jen's creations embody the essence of mindful fashion and showcase the beauty of reuse.


In both Ready to Wear and Made to Order collections, designs and fabrics change with time, reflecting the evolving landscape of a craft using only what’s available. Bespoke pieces are the epitome of this meaningful approach to fashion, often including a client’s own cherished textile which is then transformed into a personalised wearable heirloom.


Based in her Edinburgh studio, Jen meticulously sources, designs, and produces every piece with a unique touch. Her dedication to curating luxury upcycled fashion stems from a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and the wearers of her creations. With each stitch and detail, she advocates for an environmentally and ethically conscious process, championing a fashion movement that respects both the planet and its inhabitants.


Jen's reimagined fashion is born exclusively from vintage and second-hand materials, infusing new narratives into old fabrics. Resonating with climate-conscious individuals who seek to make a positive impact through their fashion choices. 


Her creations not only celebrate individuality but also serve as an homage to the past while embracing a sustainable future. In a world where fashion often comes at a cost, Jen's work encapsulates the beauty of transformation, both in terms of materials and mindset, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion.

Shop Online at

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Jen Byrne
Needlebow 1.png
Needlebow 2.png

Needle Bow

By Séverine Fouché


I am a French Designer, Dressmaker and Hand Embroiderer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  
Sewing and embroidery are my passion and I like to add to my work a touch of originality, depending on the project and the person it is designed for.


With 12 years of experience in making various garments and accessories for myself and for others, I aim at creating quality, measure-made, garments that people will enjoy and feel comfortable wearing.

A few years ago, I decided to stop supporting the fast fashion trend that delivers poor-quality clothing in quantity. I now always create my own clothing with my style. I have created clothes by mixing fabrics, sometimes upcycling material, to find a good match between plain colours and colourful printed fabric.


I also love playing with textures and finding a way to sublimate a particular texture in a garment. But my ultimate piece of garment will include embroidery in some places. For me, this makes the garment more precious. Also, I love to make versatile and reversible garments, get one outfit for two or three.

My second job is as a hand embroiderer, I love to do embroidery; I love any kind of embroidery, but I prefer Tambour hooks and goldwork embroidery which are very technical, and the result is always extremely rewarding.

I hope you enjoy my artwork, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

About Needle Bow 
Needle Bow is an accessories and sustainable garment brand. I am the brand designer making bespoke garments and accessories, I use upcycled materials where possible. The style is colourful and fun.


Needle Bow
Fabhatrix 2



We are a hat shop which has enjoyed success in Edinburgh’s Old Town for over 20 years. We have a good selection of both men's and women's hats in a range of sizes and styles and we offer friendly advice and encouragement to less confident hat wearers.

Serious hat wearers are delighted to find something new for their collection. We have regular returning customers from far and wide.

We make most of our women's hats. Specialising in both outdoor leisure and cool urban city wear, we have an incredible variety to suit all tastes. We are proud to use a lot of Scottish tweeds in our designs and love using quirky feathers to trim them.


We are increasingly up-cycling vintage fabrics which adds considerably to their character. Up-cycling old interesting old fabrics is something we have always done but interest never more than now. People want to know where their products are made.

We have a hat-workshop in our basement, so we can adapt and personalise hats on the spot. This service is particularly popular with ladies attending an occasion. We can add a flourish or two that makes their outfit extra special! Over the years we have made some outstanding bespoke hats for our customers. Our shop is a definite destination which people, from all walks of life, really enjoy visiting again and again!
The hats we make are designed with fabric economy in mind, quite literally "cutting our coat according to our cloth" Off-cuts get made into inventive trims. We make fantastic bespoke pieces fashioned from tiny pieces of valued vintage tweed. We see our material waste as a resource which inspires our creativity. This collection features the thick felt offcuts of our more traditional hats steamed into fanatical shapes, as well as the ever-popular tweed up-cycling.

Fabhatrix 1

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Visit the shop
13 Cowgatehead



tel: (0131) 225 9222


Prickly Thistle


Prickly Thistle are the black sheep in the world of Scottish Tartan design and clothing design.

They set up their textiles mill in 2018 just a few miles north of the Highland capital, Inverness, having no weaving or textile-making experience. And ever since that day the mantra of “inexperience can be your greatest asset” rings loud.


Always asking why, their creative muse has always been how can we do more with less….

Through the journey of asking why, they now have developed a unique zero fabric waste
methodology for clothing construction, using their own woven wool tartan fabrics. The results being iconic pieces that do not follow the “rules”, designed to be loved more, worn more and infinitely recyclable.

In addition to challenging stereotypes of tartan and clothing, they proudly invest as much energy as then can in creating positive change in the world. They do this by supporting projects connected to enhancing textiles education, scientific developments, and promoting social equity.


They are also not shy in sending a few emails to the odd politician!

For Prickly Thistle, it all comes down to the answer to one question, what will she say in 200 years? What we wear says so much about us, and we believe the future will be one where wearing our values will be the only “trend”.


When that happens it will have a huge positive impact on the fabric of the planet and society as a whole.

ms meno-rage Claratextiles.png

ms meno-rage

I heart hrt Claratextiles.png

I heart hrt

Clara P Textiles

By Claire Pattison

I’m an Edinburgh-based creative with a passion for making bold, textured and playful designs. 


Reusing and repurposing is at the heart of everything I do. I work solely with pre-used fabrics and found objects. This can be anything from cutting up one of my old screenprints to manipulating a long-forgotten toy from under my kid’s bed to repurposing a pair of vintage curtains. 


I’m excited by the idea of gathering disparate items and seeing how they can fit together. I love the tactile and random nature of the process. The feel, the shapes and even the smells are exciting and encourage my curiosity. 


I’ve found I’m often much more interested in the process of creating clothes now than in the finished results. 


I’m also increasingly interested in working on a meaningful theme.  For this collection, I’ve been thinking a lot about ageing and menopause. I’ve been inspired by exploring these themes with friends and colleagues, talking about how our relationship with our clothes changes as our bodies age, the shame that can be attached to menopause, the crazy ways our bodies and our minds react and how we can recognise and celebrate it all.

I’m proud to be part of Re Fashion Edinburgh’s fashion show, organised by the indomitable Alison of Psychomoda and excited to give my support to Green Hive. Their work in encouraging respect and connection with our green environment, their community workshop and volunteer-led environmental projects are massively exciting and inspiring.  


While the show is an amazing opportunity to play with my ideas and show my designs, it’s just as important to be part of a platform that underlines how beautiful, inventive and exciting ethical clothing can be. 


I believe that we all have a responsibility to be considered in what we wear. We need to educate ourselves about over-consumption, our reliance on fast fashion, and our disconnect from the processes and people who make our clothes. 

Being in love with fashion, style and design really can exist within an ethical framework. x


Stella Lotycz

My name is Stella, I am originally from Poland and I live in Edinburgh, where I'm pursuing my passion for fashion.

As a woman, it means a lot to me to look and feel good in what I am wearing. I am always on the lookout for original clothes, something that catches my eye. So one day I thought to myself “Why not make a fashion line for women like me”, for those of us who are always searching for something more in life.

My decision to create my own fashion line was greatly influenced by the amazing pictures taken by my friend, who was travelling around the world. His photos inspired me to use his talent and combine it with my love of fashion.

The project involves printing the photographs taken of nature onto fabric and then designing clothes. This is what makes this project so unique, the photos and designs are completely original and have never been seen before.

They are created using the beauty of nature, making them even more special. It is a project that is sure to create stunning pieces of clothing and bring out the creativity of the photographers and artists involved.

Recently I designed a collection of waterproof coats, now available in my online shop, and had the first prototypes made by my new team of dressmakers in Edinburgh, I was so pleased and excited about the finished results... I hope you will be too! The collection has been inspired by the beautiful city of Edinburgh where I live now. So do not let the clouds keep you from looking your best, add some colours and energy to your wardrobe and life.

My designs now are available at the Scottish Design Exchange store on Gorge Street and will be soon available at many stores in the area.

Shop online

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Alison Curr2
Alison Curr1

Alison Curr

Knitwear and Crochet Designer

Alison Curr has been delighting her devoted fans with her unique and always profoundly creative knitwear collections since the late 1970s.


Whether it be crocheted embroidered or appliquéd each garment is stamped with its individual Alison-designed hallmark which guarantees every client something unique to themselves and their wardrobe.


With an unerring ability to embrace the winds of fashion's changing trends and seasons
every Alison design exists first for comfort and style. Her approach to pattern and colour will always come directly from a particular moment in time - an image she has seen, a song she has heard, a snippet of conversation picked up unexpectedly which has led to a new direction in her thinking.

Alison's work is about style rather than fashion's dictates. This new collection reflects Alison's idiosyncratic approach to the world around her which has established her as a Scottish design treasure.

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Joyful Grapefruit 2

Joyful Grapefruit

By Pat Jastrzebska


Pat Jastrzebska known by the brand name Joyful Grapefruit is an Edinburgh-based designer famous for her fun, upcycled creations.


Originally from Poland, Pat graduated from Edinburgh College in Theatre Costume Production. After a decade-long, successful career in theatre and film and seeing the wastefulness of both industries, Pat dedicated her talent to creating outfits solely from re-purposed fabrics, mostly from her all-time favourite decades - the 60s and the 70s.


Her designs are a colourful explosion of funky prints, quirky tea towels and loose-fitted zero-waste shapes. Combining functionality and adaptability with bold statement vintage prints, those sought-after pieces are one-of-a-kind wearable artworks.

Joyful Grapefruit 1

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Joyful Grapefruit
Gerry Gapinski1.jpg
Gerry Gapinski2.jpg

Gerry Gapinski


Gerry Gapinski is an artist turned fashion designer, with a mission to reshape the fashion industry’s perspective on sustainable clothing.


His journey from painting murals and interior canvas to the catwalk exemplifies a fusion of artistry and eco-consciousness.  With his innovative up-cycled creations, Gerry is not only aiming to fuse art with fashion but also to champion environmental sustainability.

His love for art blossomed at an early age. He honed his skills over the years, creating interior artworks and commercial murals, where his vivid imagination took flight. His early works showcased a deep connection between popular culture and human expression, a theme that would later become the cornerstone of his newly developed fashion career.

The transition in Gerry’s career came when he participated in last year's “Re Fashion, Edinburgh,” a sustainability fashion show event, organised by Alison Harm of Psychomoda.


His up-cycled garments, combining intricate artwork with repurposed materials, were popularly received. This event marked the inception of his journey into sustainable fashion, driven by a passion for fusing art and fashion, with a premise founded in preserving the planet.

Gerry's designs seamlessly blend the lines between art and fashion. His pieces are not mere clothing; they are wearable artworks. Each creation tells a unique story, with hand-painted elements and repurposed fabrics that bring his artistic vision to life.

Beyond aesthetics, Gerry Gapinski is on a mission to make the fashion industry more sustainable. He believes in the transformative power of up-cycling, reducing waste, and utilising eco-friendly materials. He envisions a future where fashion and sustainability walk hand in hand, leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.

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Get involved in Slow Fashion #ReFashionEdinburgh

We’ll be raising money for Green Hive; an environmental and community charity based in Nairn, to launch their free drop-in Fabric Workshop - open for anyone to join who wants to learn how to sew, upcycle, mend or create new and exciting fabric products from recycled textiles.

You can find out about all the amazing work Green Hive does in Nairn here

Subscribe to Green Hive's newsletter to find out what's coming up next

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