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Meet Molly...

Photo credit Alexander Williamson

I come and help with the fabric workshop. I’ve been volunteering since May last year. I moved here at the end of 2022 from the Midlands, and didn’t know anyone, being retired. I’d heard about Green Hive through my son-in-law. I thought it was a good way to meet people and do something worthwhile.

We’ve made lots of bunting. We made Christmas stockings. We’ve been making little bags with drawstrings. Maggie has been making a cushion. We make what we want really, using up fabrics that have been donated.

I really enjoy it. It’s a nice group with lovely people. There’s always a coffee and a chat and its nice. I think Seaman’s Hall is fantastic and I love what Green Hive are doing with it. I’m really impressed with them. They do so much. 

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