Our first AGM

We held our first AGM on Thursday 6th October, marking 10 months since the organisation was formed. We now have 17 members and a number of other followers. Our Board of Directors was elected, now 4 in number and they will meet for the first time on 10th November. We’ll post more about the Directors after that.

Our labours over the last months are beginning to bear fruit.

  1. On Wednesday last week Andy and Simon Randerson completed the erection of composting bays at Viewfield Park. We start gathering leaves there and from neighbouring residents from 8th November.

  2. We began a pilot “Handy Neighbour” project, completing our first job on Thursday. The aim is to start small, focussing on referrals from Signpost for people in the Queens Park area.

  3. We completed our third litter pick (at Balmakeith) last Friday and will be doing a Beach Clean-up on November 27th. That’s going to involve the central and east beaches as well as the harbour and the River back up to Riverside Park. We’re doing this in collaboration with Nairn Sailing Club and WASPS Links Artists Studios and in support of the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch research. There’ll be a “found art” competition, supported by an ideas workshop at WASPS and followed by an exhibition in early January. At least one prize will be given for best exhibit.

We’re getting busy and we aim to stay that way!

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