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We’re hiring!

We are looking for a consultant (or team of consultants) to conduct an options appraisal of premises in Nairn best suited to the community hub and waste reduction enterprises which are our long-term plan. As part of this we also need an assessment of the feasibility of our waste reduction enterprises to sustain it.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a permanent hub in the community based around enterprises such as re-purposing waste plastic and growing mushrooms from waste coffee grounds. We are on the point of starting these projects at our premises in Balmakeith but long-term we want to be doing this in somewhere central to Nairn. This community hub will ideally accommodate retail, storage and workshop facilities (for the enterprises), an income generating cafe all providing volunteering, work experience and employment opportunities. We want it to be a welcoming place for local people to drop by, meet up, chat and get support to develop their own ideas and projects and employability opportunities.

We have identified a short-list of five buildings of which probably only one or two are realistic prospects for our plans. We also recognise that a single site large enough to accommodate our vision may be ambitious, so we would ask that the appraisal also consider the business case for the creation of a hub using more than one building.

We anticipate that this opportunity might be likely to appeal to partnerships or consortia. Proposals are invited by 5 pm on Thursday 19th September. 

Further details on the proposal are provided in a Consultants’ Brief and any questions or issues for clarification can be addressed to Simon Noble, Chair, by email or phone on 07766 237312.

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